Daily Deals on RetailMeNot

Haven’t you heard…BF is kind of passé.  Blasphemy!!  Yeah–retailers are jumping on sales earlier and earlier.  Jonesin’ for something now?  Check this out…

RetailMeNot Deals On The Daily


Amazon’s Countdown Sales

Forget BF.  Forget Thanksgiving Day.  Amazon is giving you weekly reasons to go ahead right now, open your wallet, and dump your money into their hands with weekly and daily deals.  Do it.  Just peek–I know you’re tempted…

Amazon’s Countdown Deals

Haverty’s Leaked Ad

You need to sleep, you need to sit.  You know, the normal person kind thing.  But you need the furniture to do that.  Haverty’s to the rescue…

Haverty’s Ad on BFAds

RadioShack Leaked Ad

Calling all tech freaks–the electronics retailer ad is all over the place.  But the best place where it is, is right here…

RadioShack Ad

What To Buy Thanksgiving Day

Can’t wait until BF?  Impatient much??  Then hop on the early bandwagon and shop Thanksgiving Day.  The are the items with the best prices on that day [so fill your cart, if you dare]…

Smartphones:  Especially if you’re in the market for a Droid. This is when there will be more than 50% more Android deals.

HDTV’s:  When it comes to the entire category…not just a specific model.

Gaming Items:  Expect roughly 70% more gaming deals on Thanksgiving, as opposed to BF.

Click here for more info.

Do Your Research

No need to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.  BF is a day to be somewhat aggressive–but not insane.  With it being a couple weeks down the road, you still have time to do your research online.  Compare prices and whatnot.  Besides, knowing what you’re after makes it easier to map out your route on BF.  It seems like the obvious thing to do, but so many don’t…and they’re the ones who can wreak havoc.

Click here for an awesome browser ad-on that does the comparing for you…and yes, I have it running on my pc.


Another promo code site that’s pretty awesome.  And that’s exactly why I showed it off on air one morning.  They even include a section of store sales and clearances.  Hooray for getting things on the cheap!

CouponCactus:  Find tons of coupons.  Tons.


Want an ad-on to do all the online price comparing for you?  Of course you do–because who wants to use up those precious minutes having 30 tabs open at the top when one quick little tool can do all that grueling work for you.

PriceBlink:  Compares prices, offers coupons, codes, free shipping while you shop online.


If you can get an extra percentage off…or free shipping–why not??!!  Kind of a ‘duhhh’ thing, right?  That’s why I’m here.  To hook you up with those sites that give you that deep, feel-good-without-guilt discount.  This is one of my favorite go-to sites [BF, or not]…

RetailMeNot:  Coupons, Free Shipping, Promo Codes


Best Online Deals

What?!  Not every online store is having the best deals of the year?  Of course not.  But then you have the ones that are just going to be better than the others.  Hey, someone’s gotta do it!  Here are a few…



Best Buy


For the rest of the list, click here:  Online Deals on DealNews