Stay Energized on BF

Trust me, you don’t need BF burnout.  Which means…you need to keep your energy in tip top shape to beat the rest of those mad shoppers to the next best deal.  Consider doing these…

Eat [A Healhty] Breakfast:  Mom [and Docs] always said it’s the most important meal of the day.  Just remember…your energy has to come from somewhere.

Snack It Up:  Grub on protein-packed goodies while you’re standing in line.  Granola bars, trail mix, and any type of nuts will be good to fuel up with.  Avoid the salted ones, as they will make you thirstier.

Drink It Up:  Water will be your best friend.  Fill up a reusable water bottle before heading out and keep yourself hydrated!  It may be a cold day but you will burn off some sweat making those mad dashes to all those stores.  Plus, dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue.

Take A Break:  For crying out loud, we’re humans…not machines!  You won’t miss out if you just pop a squat for a moment.  Your tootsies will need a rest.

Breath Of Fresh Air:  Take one if you’ve been in the mall all day.  After all, you’re around hundreds, if not thousands of bodies.  It will be a good refresher.  Your lungs and will thank you!


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